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paris shot

Artist Statement

I paint life by means of nature using one of its most essential materials, water. It is dynamic and ever changing and full of brilliant colors dependent on the light that shines upon them. There is beauty in the dynamic interplay of how it goes onto the blank sheet of paper. It mixes with the climate and the speed of my brush to show the transparent diary of all my recollections and planned marks.

I treat my subjects with reverence for the life that they have and the evolution of their purpose. I try to be true to their structure and placement so that I can call out more of the same types of relationships that they and we as people have in common. I want to express the multiplicity of life and growing patterns of life and death, the intermingling and the supporting. I find it easier to express the generalness by painting it through these plant and architectural forms.

I also highly value the ability to omit pieces of color and by that represent the ominous in the removed. As it stands, no context is ever fully true, even number sets and physics have relativity. So I embed a corollary composition of white cut-outs. They act on their own and within the context of the painted piece-leaving traces of the many pieces that came together as I worked. They work for me by giving directional guidance, implying the multiplicity of the composition, acting as a spring board for creative emotion evoked during the process of the piece, and as a notice to the viewer to constantly look closer and to see what will have to move into her peripheral in exchange for a new composition and path to follow.